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Burrells Watches


How can I pay?

We offer different methods of payment. You can make a purchase with cash or any major credit or debit card, either in store or online. However, we recognise this option doesn’t suit everyone and so we have alternative payment methods.

All of our stores do industry credit, with four years interest free credit. This means, providing you have made the monthly payments to the amount in full within the four years, you will not pay any additional interest – the price of the watch will be the price you pay across monthly instalments through your bank.

Finally, in store, we may be able to offer a discretional deposit and layaway scheme on a watch, whereby the customer can come in at their leisure and make payments. Once the payment is made in full, the customer can then take their watch home, with the guarantee starting from the day they actually make the final payment.

If I buy online, how soon will my product be shipped?

We aim to despatch all orders on the same day if ordered before 1pm between Monday and Friday. All shipping times are however dependent on stocking levels and availability. If you need a product urgently, you can call us on 0800 028 4381 and we can see what can be worked out.

What is your returns policy?

You have a statutory right, as a purchaser, to cancel your order and receive a full refund on any mail order purchase with the exception of pre-owned watches. To cancel, you must send the original or copy invoice along with full written reasons for the return, such written reasons and invoice to be received by the Company within 60 days of you, the purchaser, receiving the said Goods, or within 14 days for any discounted or sale Goods.

All pre-owned watches are non-refundable; however exchanges are given within 7 days of purchase.

The return of Goods will be permitted in limited circumstances and only if the Goods are received in their original packaging, complete with all labelling, any accessories, manuals or other documentation and all un-damaged. Goods must be returned to the Company in a condition, which would be acceptable to our supplier for return. In addition, the supplier has to give a full refund and report to the Company before any refund can be offered to the purchaser.

How do you choose the watches you stock?

Our specialist watch team have years of expertise. We regularly visit shows to view new collections. Every watch we decide to stock, we sit down with the manufacturer, explore the design, features and models, try the watches on, and make our decisions from there. We like to ensure we have a good balance of classic designs and also some quirky alternatives to give our customers the full range of choice, with an assurance that we know each product we stock thoroughly.

I’ve seen a watch you sell online elsewhere, at a reduced price. Why is that?

We are an authorised dealer for all of the watches we sell. This means we give an authorised dealership guarantee from the manufacturer, which is dated on the day you purchase the product from us. We have been trusted by the brands as a supplier, as they recognise we are specialists in watches and will give the level of service you deserve as a customer purchasing a luxury product.

A lot of online companies offering big discounts are not authorised dealers, and if you look closely, only offer their own guarantees. When they repair the product in their own workshop, it can sometimes invalidate the guarantee you may have from the manufacturer.

Also in order to get around the fact they aren’t authorised dealers, they may purchase this product from a third party first, effectively making your watch pre-owned, as the guarantee will be dated from the initial seller.

Finally, when you purchase a watch from a Burrells store, or online from our site, if you have any problems in the future you know there is a physical store you can return to, with specialist watch staff who can answer all your questions. A lot of online stores that were selling similar watches to us two years ago are no longer in operation, which if you were now experiencing issues with your purchase would leave you with nowhere to contact. We would advise caution when deciding where to purchase a luxury watch from, so you have future peace of mind that you can contact watch specialists, like our staff at Burrells.

How can you justify the price of your watches?

We are proud that the watches we stock are luxury brands, each with their own history, unique craftmanship and, providing they are looked after well, will have a longevity. There are lower priced dress brands on the market but we believe the craftsmanship, features and detail make our luxury watches a longer term investment that you can wear every day with pride.

I want to sell my watch, can you help me?

Yes, of course, we would love to help you selling your watch. Please, pop into one of our show rooms,  send us an email at or call 0800 028 4381. You can also value your watch with our handy online tool

I want to buy a vintage / preowned watch. What documentation should I get from the seller to show authenticity?

It will largely depend on where you purchase the watch from. You may want to see if there are original papers, if it had a case number, a date of purchase and where it was bought as well. If it was imported, perhaps from Hong Kong, as a lot of watches were many years ago, there is no problem if there are original papers and a full service history. It may have original stickers on the back of the casing. If it has had a regular service history there should be paperwork to support this. This is often the sign of someone who has cared for the watch.

You should always get a purchase receipt from the seller, giving the replacement value, for insurance company purposes, when insuring your pre-owned watch.

My new watch is not keeping time, what should I do?

Your luxury watch is a machine. It needs to get to know you as a wearer, to understand if you are an active person, and to regulate to compensate for the type of lifestyle you have. This can take six weeks of regular wear as your watch is getting to know you.

If you are having problems with your newly purchased watch keeping time, we’d ask you:

I’ve had my luxury watch a while, it’s started recently erratically not keeping time. What should I do?

If the watch is running slow and fast – believe it or not, this does happen! The watch may have become magnetised – some kind of magnetic field may have magnetised the watch, causing it to become erratic in its time-keeping. In this instance, we would need to send the watch back to the manufacturers, to be de-magnetised, which is a simple process but cannot be done at store level.

How often would you recommend servicing a watch?

Depending on the model, we would recommend between every three and five years. During a service, the watch is taken down to its bare bones, essentially. The case and the bracelet are taken off for refurbishment and the mechanics, the inner workings of the watch are dissembled down to the screw and corks. Most of these watches have 300 odd parts. The watch is then put back together, re-lubricated and reassembled.